‘I need a therapist’: Chad Prather reacts to Satanists defense of child sacrifice as a spiritual ritual’

Chad Prather “needs a therapist” after learning the details of a lawsuit brought against the state of Texas on behalf of Texas Satanic Temple. According to the temple’s website: “TST member ‘Ann Doe,’” TST is suing the state of Texas for imposing medically unnecessary abortion regulations including a sonogram, a forced decision to reject the … Read more

Facebook suspends accounts of Capitol attacker identifying him as a Nation of Islam follower and claiming ‘mind control’

Social media behemoth Facebook admitted that they suspended both the Facebook account and the Instagram account of the man identified by police as the suspect killed in the U.S. Capitol attack on Friday. Police identified the attacker as Noah Green, a man from Indiana who had recently lost his job. Green identified himself as a … Read more

1,000 migrants a day are sneaking into US past preoccupied Border Patrol agents: Report

Nearly 1,000 people every day are illegally entering the United States without being detected or taken into custody by Border Patrol agents, the Washington Post reported Friday. The migrants have reportedly been able to sneak past immigration enforcement officers who are busy attending to migrant families and unaccompanied children while also trying to stop soaring … Read more