‘Desperate’: Democrat Who’s Been in Congress Since 1983 Goes After ‘People in Washington’

Ohio Democratic congresswoman Marcy Kaptur says she’s fed up with “people in Washington” who “care only about the coasts.” She’s been in Congress since 1983 and votes in lockstep with her party’s coastal leaders.

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A Gay Activist Group Gave Free Bus Tickets to Minorities and Trans People. It Likely Violated Civil Rights Law.

When a gay activist group handed out free bus and ferry tickets to “self-identifying Trans, Black, and/or brown” people headed to New York’s Fire Island over Juneteenth weekend, it said the goal was “transportation equity.” But lawyers tell the Washington Free Beacon that the move likely ran afoul of civil rights laws that ban race and gender identity discrimination, reflecting a broader rift between elite mores and legal safeguards.

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‘Your terms are acceptable’: Liberal actor/director Ken Olin tweets, ‘In States where abortion is illegal the father should be financially on the hook at the moment of conception’

Amid leftist outrage over a Supreme Court ruling that struck down Roe v. Wade, Ken Olin — an outspoken leftist who has described President Joe Biden as “a giant” — declared that in states where abortion is unlawful, fathers should be financially responsible from the time of conception.

“In States where abortion is illegal the father should be financially on the hook at the moment of conception,” Olin tweetedOlin is a director, producer, and actor.

Many responded by noting that they completely agree with the policy position that Olin mentioned.

“Your terms are acceptable,” tweeted Dan McLaughlin of National Review Online. “No man should ever fail to support his own children. Ever. In fact, no man should ever fail to stick around to raise his own children. Fatherhood in all of its obligations is what manhood is *for*,” he added in another post.

“It never gets old that the libs think this is a sick burn,” John Cooper of the Heritage Foundation tweeted.

“Yes – that has been the #prolife position from day one. Welcome to the movement,” Michael Quinn Sullivan tweeted.

“Thank you for making the decades-long argument that conservatives have made. We accept your terms,” someone else tweeted.

Olin is outspoken about his political views — he has praised President Joe Biden and denounced former President Donald Trump.

“Yes, @POTUS is an elderly man,” Olin tweeted about Biden. “But he’s an elderly man who knows what it takes to be a great President. And he still has the faculties to do the job with decency, ethics, empathy, conviction, honor, and character. Don’t mistake humility for weakness. Biden is a giant.”

“That Donald Trump – the epitome of a profligate amoral crude ignorant narcissistic misogynistic vile sacrilegious liar and reprobate – would be the one responsible for taking America back to the repressive Christian laws of the mid 1950s is the cruelest of ironies,” Olin tweeted.

Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declares, ‘F[***] Clarence Thomas’

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat, demonstrated an abysmal lack of propriety by publicly uttering a profanity against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“F[***] Clarence Thomas,” Lightfoot declared at what reports indicate was a pride event.

Last week the high court released a decision that enables states to ban abortions, and Thomas was one of the justices who joined the opinion.

“The Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohibiting abortion. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority. We now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the opinion.

Many Democrats, including Lightfoot, have bemoaned the decision as a “dark day” for the country.

Lightfoot claimed in a statement that “this decision will be used as precedent to gut the legal underpinnings used to protect against gender-based discrimination, which includes women’s rights, trans rights, immigrant rights, and of course, to right to same-sex and interracial marriage.”

Thomas wrote a concurring opinion in which he indicated that the Supreme Court should eventually overrule other decisions, like the Obergefell v. Hodges gay marriage decision.

Thomas wrote that, “in future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell.” He also wrote, “After overruling these demonstrably erroneous decisions, the question would remain whether other constitutional provisions guarantee the myriad rights that our substantive due process cases have generated.”

Lightfoot had mentioned Thomas’s concurring opinion prior to making the profane remark about the long-serving Supreme Court justice.

In response to Lightfoot’s inappropriate “F[***] Clarence Thomas” remark, Daniel Darling, director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, tweeted, “Absolutely egregious. If a conservative Mayor said this about a SCOTUS judge we’d have wall to wall handwringing about the crisis of democracy.”

“The entire left is a bunch of mad ugly people yelling the F-word at the Supreme Court and cheering crowds of idiots thinking it somehow makes a difference. Symbolism over substance to the Nth degree,” radio host Derek Hunter tweeted.

Breaking: At least 46 illegal aliens found dead in a trailer in San Antonio, and death toll may climb higher

A horrendous scene was discovered by police in San Antonio, Texas, in a tractor-trailer where at least 46 illegal aliens were found dead and the death toll could climb higher.

The 18-wheeler vehicle was found on Monday at Quintana road and Cassin road in a secluded area in the southwest of the city.

Local news outlets reported a large law enforcement response of at least 20 emergency vehicles to the incident at about 6 p.m. Multiple sources from the San Antonio Police Department told KSAT-TV that 16 others were found alive and transported to hospitals for treatment.

A KSAT crew also documented a mass casualty evacuation ambulance at the site.

At least 5 victims were reported in critical condition at Baptist Medical Center hospital.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott responded to the tragedy on Twitter and blamed it on the lax border enforcement policies of President Joe Biden.

“These deaths are on Biden. They are a result of his deadly open border policies. They show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law,” he tweeted.

A similar horror unfolded in July 2017 when a trailer full of illegal aliens was abandoned at a Wal-Mart in San Antonio. Eight of the nearly 40 migrants were found dead from the heat and two others lated died at hospitals in that incident.

“They were very hot to the touch. So these people were in this trailer without any signs of any type of water,” said San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood at the time. “It was a mass casualty situation for us.”

The driver of the truck was later sentenced to life in prison over the deaths.

Here’s footage at the scene from KSAT-TV:

LIVE- At least 42 people found dead in 18-wheeler on Southwest Side of San Antonio